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Aditya Chaudhari

Hey there!

I’m Aditya, a Mumbai-based design-centric Product Manager with a passion for all things bikes, airplanes, and dogs! 

With over 4 years of experience in the ever-evolving world of digital products, I’ve become the ultimate driving machine for crafting pixel-perfect experiences that’ll rev your engines.

When I’m not obsessing over pixels, you can find me travelling.

I thrive on collaborative projects and delight in finding innovative solutions that not only wow users but also drive tangible results. I take my work seriously, but I also believe in adding a sprinkle of humor and quirkiness to keep things exciting. Let’s join forces and create something truly exhilarating together! 


2023 - Present

Product Manager

2022 - 2023

Product Analyst

2020 - 2022

Teach For India Fellow

My Working Style!

Working with me means being transparent, having clear goals, being accountable, and measuring impact.

What I carry from my previous experience into my next role-

I look at technology and products from a business ROI perspective. I have a product thinking mindset which I highly attribute to my past career. In the journey from defining the problem space of the users to identifying the solution space of the business, I  wear multiple hats, making me the bridge between various cross-functional teams and entities. I always strive to understand the why, the who, and the what behind any design problem and by leveraging technology, data, and user-centered design, I’m obsessed with finding how to improve the lives of others.



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