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India’s K-12 education system is hindered by critical challenges: significant teacher shortages, inadequate teacher training, and geographical disparities in teacher-student ratios. Financial constraints further limit access to quality education, with a lack of pedagogical focus on tailored learning. These obstacles impede educational outcomes for the 271 million students enrolled in grades 1-12. This situation is particularly dire for the 62% of families in the low-income bracket, who struggle to afford quality supplementary education amidst escalating costs and increasing demand.


CloudKaksha offers a harmonious blend of personalized learning experiences, leveraging low-bandwidth-friendly technology to ensure accessibility across diverse income segments and geographies.

The platform facilitates effective knowledge acquisition by providing top-tier recorded lectures, real-time doubt resolution, and fostering community-driven student and educator interactions. It’s mission is to empower low income government schools with the tools of technology.

Cloudkaksha demographics
Cloudkaksha demographics






Web Design & GTM Strategy




Collaborated with 3 3 Low income public schools in Mumbai.


3 years

The Product Solution & its scope

The business hypothesis :

India is a budding nation in terms of internet penetration of active users. Still, there are more than 330 million Indians on 2G networks and hence it becomes the need of the hour to build a scalable solution for the mid to low-income alongside the high-income groups

Based on the need the core issues are:-

  1. Great quality teaching access at lower network speeds too.
  2. Doubt resolution and engagement structure.
  3. Innovative models of learning which exist in offline networks but not at scale so hence its needed

For the 3 core hypothesis, a hybrid Ed-tech solution then comes to mind

  1. Recorded lectures which can be accessed at any point of time by great quality teachers such as in Kota etc
  2. Live doubt structure as a chat or a teaching assistant + student model as a product solution as a video
  3. Student-to-student interactions / student-to-teacher interaction / teacher-to-teacher interaction

The Product Hypothesis

“To build a robust, scalable and adaptive educational platform tailored for the Indian K-12 demographic, aiming to democratize high-quality education through a self-organized learning ecosystem.”