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Azent Overseas supports future leaders from India in their quest to study at best global universities abroad. Their team of global counselling experts guide at every step of the admission process right from advising on university and course selection, to the university application and visa requirements.




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Problem Statement - Azent Overseas Education


Implement a solution to schedule a call along with on demand counselling that currently happens



To cater to the above issues, we’re introducing two new features:

  • Schedule Free Counselling: To address the waiting time issue for users and optimize the time of counsellors, we will implement a scheduling system using HubSpot. This scheduling system will allow users to schedule a call with a counsellor at a time that suits them and skip the wait time.


  • Request Callback: There will be times where the user may want to schedule free counselling but the counsellor is not available and no slots are available to schedule the session. “Request Callback” feature will enable the user to drop in a request to call back.
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Azent Overseas Product Teardown
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Problems Foreseeable from the Operations POV

Implementing the scheduling system may create some operational challenges, including:

  1. Counsellor Availability: The scheduling system (Hubspot) will need to ensure that the selected counsellor is available at the chosen time slot. Counsellors may have pre-existing appointments or other work commitments that make them unavailable at certain times. To avoid the confusion, the operations team will have to open slots depending on the availability of the counsellor.
  2. Time Management: Counsellors may have difficulty managing their time if they have scheduled appointments, on-demand counselling, and other work responsibilities all happening simultaneously. To avoid this, we will trigger an IVR at T-1 hour (Passive reminder) before the scheduled call for both, the user and the counselor which would serve as a reminder.
  3. System Integration: Integrating Hubspot into the existing app may require significant changes to the app’s architecture and database, which may pose technical challenges.

Launching the Feature with Operations Team​

To launch the scheduling system, I’d recommend the following steps:

  1. Training: Counsellors must be trained to use the new scheduling system. This training should include information on how to manage their schedules, how to communicate with students, and how to update the CRM.
  2. Integration: The scheduling system (Hubspot) should be integrated with the existing CRM to ensure that counsellors have access to relevant student information during counselling sessions.
  3. Communication: A communication plan should be developed to inform students about the new feature. This plan may include email or SMS campaigns, social media posts, and in-app notifications.
  4. Testing: Before launching the feature to the public, it should be tested internally to ensure that it functions as intended and is easy for counsellors and students to use.

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